AcadeMedia’s Higher Vocational Education awarded 30 percent more educational places compared to last year and gains market share

AcadeMedia’s Higher Vocational Education business has been awarded more than 9,500 (7,364) educational places, announced today by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. The award is an increase of about 30 percent compared to last year’s allocation, which means that AcadeMedia gains market share.

  • We are very happy and proud of today's announcement, which further underlines that our vocational training has a positive impact on the supply of skilled labour in society. We see that close to 90 percent of our participants manage to establish themselves in the labour market after completing their education. We look forward to welcome even more students this autumn, says Christer Hammar, Head of AcadeMedia Adult Education.

AcadeMedia’s Higher Vocational Education accounted for approximately 48 (44) percent of the segment’s turnover in the first quarter 2023/24. The financial effect from today’s allocation will be realized when students have been recruited to the programs.

Higher Vocational Education in Sweden is growing. The total number of awarded educational places was about 40,700 (35,000), an increase of 16 percent. With additional support from the government and an increased budget, the authority has approved more higher vocational training programs compared to previous year. The purpose is to meet the continued skills needs in Sweden, enable change, and promote matching on the labour market. Focus this year has been technology and green shift.

Link (swedish): Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education  press release 

Facts: Awarded grants from The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education
Source: The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education

  • Higher vocational education is regulated by The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. They analyse the labour market's needs for education and decides which educations should be included in the higher vocational education programs and grants state funds to the education providers.
  • The ordinary application process for permission to start education takes about a year. Applications are sent in during the summer, after which the authority announces the award decision at the beginning of the calendar year for the start of education in the autumn.

Facts: AcadeMedia’s higher vocational education

  • AcadeMedia’s higher vocational education has a large presence in Sweden. The portfolio includes Hermods, KYH, Affärshögskolan, Movant, and The Game Assembly.
  • AcadeMedia’s higher vocational education accounted for approximately 48 (44) percent of the adult education segment's turnover during the first quarter 23/24.

For more information, please contact:
Christer Hammar, Head of the business segment Adult Education
Telephone: +46 70 377 45 00
E-mail: christer.hammar@academedia.se

Hanna Clausén, Acting CFO
Telephone: +46 8 794 42 62
E-mail: hanna.clausen@academedia.se

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