AcadeMedia’s Annual report and Sustainability report is published today

A record number of  students, children and participants attend at AcadeMedia’s schools and adult education, and a good financial development ensures that the group is well prepared for the future. This is shown in AcadeMedia’s annual report that is published today. This year’s Annual report also includes a Sustainability report for the first time.

AcadeMedia’s CEO Marcus Strömberg:

– Education is about providing people with the opportunity to shape their own future and to jointly with others create a better society. This is our passion and as an independent education providerr, we have a special responsibility to contribute and create social benefit. That is what our more than 15,000 dedicated employees do every day, says Marcus Strömberg.

– When parents, students and participants choose AcadeMedia they also they give us a great confidence that we must manage in the best possible way. Our mission is to deliver high quality education and it is only by doing this that we can be successful. Hence, quality will always be our main focus, says Marcus Strömberg.

Investing for the future
The last financial year 173,400 children, students, and participants attended AcadeMedia’s education facilities and there were 634 pre- and compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and adult education units in operation. Net sales amounted to SEK 10.8 billion and profit for the period was SEK 430 million. There is a large demand for additional educational capacity in Sweden as well as in the other countries where AcadeMedia operates. AcadeMedia aims to contribute to this expansion. The Board of Directors therefore proposes to re-invest the profit and that no dividend be paid for the 2017/18 financial year.

– The need to invest in knowledge has probably never been greater than now and we want to take our responsibility, for example in the development of additional educational capacity. More upper secondary schools are needed in the larger cities in Sweden and 300,000 children in Germany are in the need of a preschool place. We also see a larger need for apprenticeship training in upper secondary school, and our ambition is to lead this  development in Sweden, says Marcus Strömberg.

– It feels very good that we have the capacity to make a difference in so many ways and for so many people. Our focus on quality and development, in combination with our wide education offering , makes us well equipped for the future, he says.

AcadeMedia’s contribution to a sustainable society
New in this year’s Annual report is the group’s Sustainability report.

– Providing high-quality education is ourcore business and our  main contribution to a sustainable society. Quality education for everyone is one of UN:s sustainable development goals for promoting sustainable development in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability, says Marcus Strömberg.

AcadeMedia has divided the Group’s sustainability efforts into four main areas: quality, employees, transparency and the environment.

– Our sustainability efforts consists of several parts, from how we ensure and develop education quality, to creation of good work conditions for our employees to thrive and succeed with their assignments. It is also about how transparent we are as an organisation towards the world around and how we, from an environmental perspective, work with purchases of food, inventories and cleaning services, says Marcus Strömberg. 

AcadeMedia’s annual report for 2017/18 is now available on the corporate website. The Sustainability report is presented on pages 27-43.

A PDF-version of the annual report is also available as an attachment to this press release.

Shareholders and other interested parties who wish to receive a printed copy of the annual report may order it via navet@academedia.se 

Operational facts for the financial year 2017/18 (year average)
Number of employees: 15,900
Number of pre-schools in Sweden: 154
Number of pre-schools in Norway: 100
Number of pre-schools in Germany: 23
Number of compulsory schools: 75
Number of upper secondary schools: 133
Number of adult education units: 150

Financial key ratios
Net sales: SEK 10.8 billion
Operating profit: SEK 622 million
Profit for the year: SEK 430 million

For more information, please contact:
Marcus Strömberg, CEO
Telephone: +46 8 794 4200
E-mail: marcus.stromberg@academedia.se

Eola Änggård Runsten, CFO
Telephone: +46 8 794 4240
E-mail: eola.runsten@academedia.se

About AcadeMedia
AcadeMedia creates opportunities for people to develop. The 15,300 employees at our 655 preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and adult education centres share a common focus on quality and development. Our 178,800 children and students are provided with a high quality education, giving them the best conditions to attain both learning objectives and their full potential as individuals. AcadeMedia is Northern Europe ́s largest education company, with locations/facilities/presence in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Our size gives us the capacity to be a robust, long term partner to the communities we serve. More information about AcadeMedia is available on www.academedia.se.

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