AcadeMedia is awarded new contracts by the City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm has announced its decision regarding the procurement for municipal adult education. The city distributes the responsibility for adult education to a limited number of providers, five of which are part of the AcadeMedia group – Movant, Eductus, Hermods, NTI-skolan and KompetensUtvecklingsInstitutet. The contracts were awarded based on criteria related to quality and fixed prices.

The procurement decision includes eight contract areas and AcadeMedia has been awarded 13 new contracts in these areas. Among the contract areas included are Swedish for Immigrants, basic adult education and upper secondary school for adults as well as specialist vocational training. For seven contracts, the resolution will come into effect at the end of next week provided that no other party demands for appeal. The remaining six contracts are affected by a demand for appeal on four of the contract areas that were submitted before the resolution was announced. Consequently, contracts cannot be signed until the appeal process is settled in court. The contract period is from 1st July 2020 until 30th June 2024 at the latest.

These contracts are replacement contacts for AcadeMedia with the City of Stockholm. Turnover in the current contracts amounts to approximately SEK 180 million per year in a variety of contract areas. If the new contracts come into place, the turnover is estimated to remain in line with previous years. Price levels in the new contracts are on par with the current contracts, except for distance education which has 20 percent lower prices. AcadeMedia’s current contracts run until 30th June 2020.

We are pleased that the city decided to put emphasis on quality in this procurement. Quality is something we actively work with in all our educational areas and are proud of. Adult education is key to develop the region’s long-term competitiveness and it feels great that we have gained renewed trust from the city, says Christer Hammar, head of AcadeMedia’s Adult Education Segment.

The awarded contracts will strengthen AcadeMedia’s position as an important contributor to Stockholm’s social structure. It will help people gain access to the labour market and contribute to the supply of skilled labour for enterprises and the city. The City of Stockholm estimate the total value of the agreement to approximately SEK 2.4 billion over the four-year contract period.

For more information, please contact:
Christer Hammar, Head of the Adult Education Segment
Telephone: +46 70 377 45 00
E-mail: christer.hammar@academedia.se

Annette Lilliestierna, Director of Communications
Telephone: +46 70-432 08 61
E-mail: annette.lilliestierna@academedia.se

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