Executive management

The Board of Directors appoints the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is responsible for managing the business according to instructions decided upon by the Board and for the day-to-day management of the Group’s operations.

Executive management's responsibility

The division of work between the board of directors and the CEO is set out in the rules of procedure for the board of directors and the CEO’s instructions. The CEO is also responsible for the preparation of financial reports and compiling information from the executive management for the board meetings and for presenting such materials at the board meetings.

According to the instructions for the financial reporting, the CEO is responsible for the financial reporting in the Company and consequently must ensure that the board of directors receives adequate information in order for the board of directors to be able to evaluate the Company’s financial position.

According to the financial reporting instructions, the CEO is responsible for the Company’s financial reporting and accordingly must ensure that the Board of Directors receives adequate information so that it can evaluate the Company’s financial position. The CEO also appoints the members of the executive management.

AcadeMedia’s executive management represents all the five areas of operations as well as the strategic support divisions. The CEO and executive management together have overall responsibility for, among other things, strategy, business development, major investment decisions, performance follow-up, HR and communication. The members of the executive management are presented in the section Composition.

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