Our education

AcadeMedia covers the entire education ladder, from preschool and compulsory school to upper secondary school and adult education.

AcadeMedia creates the conditions that help people evolve

“AcadeMedia makes it possible for individuals to thrive”AcadeMedia creates opportunities for people to develop throughout the educational ladder. Our 17,600 employees, working across our 650 units (preschools, primary schools, upper secondary schools and adult learning facilities) have a common focus on quality and development.
Each of the more than 180,000 children, pupils and adult students who attend our courses and other programmes will receive an excellent education, within an environment designed to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential and achieves their educational goals.

Flera barn befinner sig i en skolgård, några barn spelar med en boll på marken


Preschool is the first step on the educational ladder. It lays the foundation for children’s curiosity and hunger for learning. Our organisation-wide quality work is in evidence in our preschools with systematic tools for regular assessments to ensure quality of our programmes.  

AcadeMedia's preschools are in Pysslingen Preschools, Pysslingen Schools, Vittra, Espira, Joki, Stepke, Kita Luna, Noblaschool and Montessori Mondial.  In total, there are close to 300 preschools within AcadeMedia. Roughly 30  are integrated with a primary school, 104 of them are in Norway (Espira) and 47 of them in Germany (Joki, Stepke, Espira and Kita Luna). Among the preschools there are different pedagogies and specialisations - some have a stronger focus on animals and nature, others work consciously and systematically with playful mathematics, as two examples. 

*Figures from AcadeMedia's 2020 annual report (SV) published on the 27th of October 2020.

Barn som fokuserar på mäta grädde

Close to 300 preschools

More than 20 000 children

75 000 lunches from our own kitchens every week

Elementary schools

AcadeMedia has 75 elementary schools, 37 of which have integrated preschools. These preschools and elementary schools are classified under the brands Innovita school, Montessori Mondial, Noblaschool, Pops Academy and Vittra school. While our schools operate under different names / multiple brands, each one utilises AcadeMedia's pedagogy and ways of working. 

Using AcadeMedia's common quality model, each school follows each pupil’s knowledge development, and education and teaching is tailored to ensure that each pupil is provided the conditions required to reach their full potential and achieve their educational goals. This process starts in preschool and follows the student throughout the entire AcadeMedia educational ladder up to the higher grades. 

Två elever sitter bredvid varandra i ett klassrum, en av de sitter vid en dator

75 elementary schools all over Sweden

Over 25 000 students

75 percent satisfaction among students

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