AcadeMedia's strategies

To reach our goals and lead the education of the future we focus on several strategic areas – our education, co-workers, quality, development, expansion and sustainability.
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A unique educational focus and well-profiled brands 

To AcadeMedia, offering the highest quality education is critically important. We aim to focus on meeting each child, student and adult education participant with high expectations and a strong belief in each person's abilities. We aim to offer a stimulating and safe learning environment together with outstanding education and teaching. 

AcadeMedia must live up to the demands and expectations that students, guardians, adult education participants and clients have of us. We aim to have strong brands and to develop and illustrate the AcadeMedia brand as an overall guarantor of quality, stability and transparency.

Competent and committed employees and leaders 

We want to be the most appealing employer in the education sector seeing that skilled employees and educators are the key to excellent teaching and higher goal achievement. We need good managers who, through their leadership, motivate, engage and contribute to creating a culture where everyone involved learns and finds inspiration from each other. We also need to inspire more people to pursue the study of education and pedagogy, support those teaching to remain in their careers, and encourage teachers who have left the field to return to the classroom.  

To attract and retain committed employees and leaders, AcadeMedia offers many opportunities for development and clear career paths. We do this by working actively with structured collegial learning as well as offering many types of competence development and leadership programmes. 

Common quality management model

Since its introduction in 2011, The AcadeMedia Model has been the quality model that has s helped us set goals and identify what needs to be improved at different levels. It is now being further developed into a quality management model that will help ensure that everyone across AcadeMedia is always working to be better. Through this model we will gradually reach higher goal fulfilment in all preschools, schools and adult education. 

This model provides us with a holistic view of our quality management work. We systematically follow up and identify where we need to deploy resources. We pinpoint successful ways of conducting and developing our business, and work systematically to share desirable examples within the group. The AcadeMedia model helps us to together ensure outstanding quality in our operations and that we are a learning organisation in constant development. 

Constant improvements and innovative solutions 

Innovations can arise from small modifications to the everyday and practical quality development work we undertake every day, but we also often see developments of something completely new or significantly improved. AcadeMedia promotes this increased level of creativity and innovative thinking. 

Our drive to improve AcadeMedia permeates everything from our educational mission to our way of leveraging the possibilities offered by digitisation of various processes, to how we work to develop the skills of our employees and managers. We collaborate with, are inspired by and learn from others – including researchers, educators, other industries based both locally and internationally. We encourage all areas within AcadeMedia to innovate, test, develop, evaluate and introduce new methods in the business, and especially encourage this to be done in collaboration with others. Through our structured activities at different levels though which knowledge, experiences and smart solutions are shared, AcadeMedia becomes an organisation where collaborative learning paves the way for innovative development.

Long-term and sustainable growth 

Through our continuous focus on quality, AcadeMedia creates long-term sustainable growth. This in turn creates opportunities for development and investments to improve our operations. Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced by our directive that all resources be used efficiently and responsibly. 

Continued development in our upper secondary school and international pre-school activities are prioritised. We continue to evaluate different paths for international pre-school operations while simultaneously testing the conditions for expanding other brands. We support our businesses to create and develop fresh business models for the schools of the future in current and new markets. We are also working to modernise and to further digitise education and related functions. 

Sustainability strategy

AcadeMedia's sustainability work aims to contribute to building a sustainable society through excellent education for all, responsible use of resources and an ethical approach in everything we do. 

We are convinced that this will create long term value for us as a company while enabling us to participate in creating a better world.

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