AcadeMedia develops, operates and invests in digital education services and technologies with the aim of developing tomorrow's learning and schools. Edtech is short for Educational Technology, which is technology related to education.
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AcadeMedia develops digital solutions in pedagogy, project management and systems within our organisation and in collaboration with other actors in educational research and innovation. Our objective is to strengthen conditions for students to succeed in their education. The solutions we develop are aimed both at internal and external organisations.


Hypocampus offers a state-of-the-art digital study platform built on educational and cognitive science. The platform is intended for doctors and medical students. The hypocampus consists of dedicated engineers, researchers, designers, and doctors. One third of Sweden's medical students use this tool in their studies.

Hypocampus uses Cortexio, a platform developed and owned by Hypocampus. Cortexio uses artificial intelligence and research on effective learning.


Omniway is a learning platform developed by users. In the ongoing development of the platform, we ensure that the pedagogy governs the technology, not the other way around. With Omniway, time-consuming tasks such as administration and correction are largely automated, creating more time for teachers to be teachers.

During the Omniway learning journey, students receive support from both their teachers as well as from motivation-enhancing elements with gamification.
Over the past ten years, Omniway has developed into one of Sweden's leading learning platforms for distance learning and is used annually by about 50,000 users. The system also includes Customer relationship management, survey tools and administrative tools.


Linguista supports schools to help students with a native language other than Swedish reach their full potential.

The organisation works on site in Stockholm and partly on site in Gothenburg but can also meet student needs at other schools in Sweden through distance learning with real-time interaction between student and teacher.


EdShare is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for schools to share skills and increase to share skills between schools to ensure consistency, reduce teacher shortages and offer every student a quality education. Via the platform’s facilitation of distance learning, schools can easily find or share legitimate teacher competence within and outside their own school management.

With smart functions, everyday life for teachers and headteachers working remotely is simplified and increases student access to education by certified teachers. EdShare is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week and offers real-time matching between schools whenever the need arises.

Edshare logotype på svart bakgrund


Studier.se is a market-leading search and comparison service for education and courses in Sweden and is used by more than 700,000 people every year. Gathering courses and educational tools from different education providers into one place creates a destination where people can compare and find the best education provider, whether you are looking for a secondary school education, a college programme, vocational education, skills development or a shorter course.

At present, over 400 education providers use Studier.se as a marketplace to reach out to educational stakeholders.


EdAider creates rich insights into student need and development and is an intelligent support that provides more time for education through automation and AI. In addition, it offers support in the classroom and for distance education with useful and engaging tools.

AET Solutions

AET Solutions develops and provides functions with digital solutions in education.

Through co-partnership with Hypocampus/Cortexio AcadeMedia, has access to a specialised digital platform for smart studies.

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