Change through education

AcadeMedia is northern Europe's largest education company with operations in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Our size creates the stability and security required to maintain our position as a key member of the education sector, contributing to the common goal of building a better society in the long term.

Each of the more than 188,000 children, pupils and adult students who attend our courses and other programmes during any given year will receive an excellent education, with the conditions required to reach their full potential and achieve their educational goals.

Working at our 680 units (preschools, primary schools, upper secondary schools and adult education), our more than 18,100 employees have a shared focus on quality and development. Everyone at AcadeMedia follows a common quality management system called the AcadeMedia model.

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Our goals

Our goals 
AcadeMedia's goal is to be a leader in learning, appeal, efficiency and innovative development. The main indicator in the field of learning is "100% - everyone should reach their full potential". 

Our vision and mission

AcadeMedia's mission is “Change through Education”. We want to contribute to the necessary and positive changes both for individuals and for society as a whole. Our vision is to lead the development of the education of the future". 

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AcadeMedia through the years

AcadeMedia was founded in 1996. Today we bring together around 30 school head teachers from preschool to adult education. Our driving force is our enduring belief that education and learning are the foundation of a better, more sustainable society. 

År 1898

Hermods is founded under the name Malmö Language and Business institute.

År 1968

NTI is founded. NTI’s focus was technology and teaching took place via correspondence.

År 1986

Pysslingen is founded and is first in Sweden with independent preschools.

År 1996

AcadeMedia is founded.

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For our coworkers

On our employee website, which is open to people both inside and outside of AcadeMedia, employees and staff will find news, information and support materials to assist you in your work. Everyone is welcome to make use of our large selection of educational materials, films and more. 

AcadeMedia Academy

AcadeMedia's internal academy for competence development ensures that our employees have the best possible environment for continuous development and encouragement (or support). 

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Två elever sitter bredvid varandra i ett klassrum, en av de sitter vid en dator

For our investors

On our investor pages you will find AcadeMedia’s financial information. We have a subscription service available to anyone who would like to receive financial communication from the company. 

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