AcadeMedia's main contribution to a sustainable society is our core business, which is to provide everyone who chooses one of our businesses with an equal level of high-quality education.

We often say that AcadeMedia was founded by people who were driven to create a better and more sustainable society with education and learning as the foundation. We have kept this ethos throughout our history. In our sustainability work we focus on three areas, learning, employees and environment. 

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Outsets for our sustainability work 

A lot of our sustainability work is based on the UN's 17 global goals. Goal number 4, Good education for all, embraces our core business and it is through teaching sustainability that we can make the biggest difference

Quality assurance at AcadeMedia 

AcadeMedia's goal is to be a leader in learning, appeal, efficiency and innovative development. The main indicator in the field of learning is  "100% - everyone should reach their full potential " 

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Do you have questions?

AcadeMedia’s communication around sustainability should tell us what we do, how we do it, what we are good at and where improvements can be made. Most of these items can be measured, but parts of our sustainability work are difficult to quantify. In these cases, we aspire to be open to changing our way of thinking and explaining why continue with goals that are less measurable. 

We are happy to respond to your queries in the discussion below.  

Paula Hammerskog