We want to develop the Swedish school system  

As one of the country's largest education providers, AcadeMedia holds a great deal of public trust. To keep this trust, we prioritise offering high-quality education to everyone who chooses us, and use the resources allocated to us responsibly and transparently.

AcadeMedia is a long-term education company with a consistent focus on quality and development. Every day more than 180,000 children, students and adult participants go to our activities. Our most important task is to provide everyone with the conditions they need to reach the educational goals. 

Private companies taking responsibility for public issues is an issue that engages many. Independent schools, and particularly larger schools and networks of schools, are often given a central role in the education debate. Many people have opinions, and many are also interested in hearing what education providers think about matters such as school selection, enrolment management, school fees, profits and grades. 

On these pages, you will find information on how AcadeMedia stands on a number of these issues. You will also find the referral responses we have written in response to state school investigations in recent years. 

If you can't find what you are looking for, you are welcome to ask any question via the form at the bottom of this page. We welcome suggestions for questions and topics that you would like to see highlighted on this section of our website. 

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