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Everyone has the right to high-quality education 

Education is one of the most important issues for all societies.  

By offering an outstanding educational environment, AcadeMedia contributes to the development and growth of people and communities. All students have the same right to an excellent education, regardless of where they live or their background. A good environment for education is one that sees the needs of and possibilities for each individual student. 

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Suitable and safe educational environments 

Everyone – employees, staff and students - should be able to work and study in environments suited to the tasks at hand. A safe school environment creates opportunities for students to take in the knowledge and insights that teaching should provide. 

Our quality work

AcadeMedia's goal is to take the lead in learning, appeal, effectiveness and innovative development. The main indicator in the field of learning is "100% - everyone should reach their full potential". 

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A selection of quality measurements

Annual quality report

Along with our integrated annual and sustainability report, AcadeMedia also publishes an annual quality report. It includes how we work with systematic quality work, which developments and areas during the year were successful were successful, which need improvement, and where we can apply lessons learned going forward. The report also contains our quality results at group level. The quality results for our various operations and brands can be found on their respective websites. 

Acting on results

Goal fulfilment is followed up and reported on three different levels – at the unit, principal and business level. The quality report, which is published in close connection with the annual and sustainability report, provides a thorough overview of the current situation within AcadeMedia and provides the framework for which development efforts should be prioritised.