Ethics in practice

AcadeMedia’s aim is to apply an ethical approach in everything we do. Together, we create a strong culture where we all contribute to our colleagues becoming their best selves. In order to succeed, we need a safe working environment.

AcadeMedia's core business values are based on the principle's courage, passion and trust. Diversity is encouraged and differences are seen as a resource. We are continually working on self-leadership, culture, and strengthening brand identity based on our core values. This promotes a shared culture that strengthens our work towards achieving the UN's global goals –, especially goal number four "Good education for all". 

The importance of digital security  

Whether someone is a student, adult education participant, a parent or carer or an employee, it is possible to rely on AcadeMedia to securely manage all personal data. More information about this is available on trygg.academedia.se, where we explain more about the personal data we process, why we do it and how we protect it. There you will also find: 

  • GDPR training 
  • Consent forms 
  • Data processing agreement 
  • Support material for those who will lead business group discussions about data protection after employees have completed their online training. 
  • Policies, procedures, and guidelines 
  • Information on how to report a personal data incident 

Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing policy  

Our Code of Conduct and whistleblowing policy (in swedish) are essential tools in our approach to ethical work. The code of conduct is our backbone, and the whistleblower function is our employees' and the public's opportunity to come forward and report suspected irregularities. 


AcadeMedia aims to counteract any form of corruption or bribes in all markets in which we operate. We do this, amongst other things, through clear regulations and policies that are monitored by the responsible staff and by covering these risks in internal training. Industries in which we consider risks to be significant include construction, cleaning and consulting services. One crucial way we counteract these risks is by signing framework agreements with suppliers in these industries. We continuously assess where significant risk of corruption or bribery could exist within the organisation.

Trade unions

Within the framework of the independent school agreement, AcadeMedia signed a collaboration contract with The Teachers' Association and The Swedish Teachers’ Union. The Teachers' Association has a National Department with 3.8 full-time positions and The Swedish Teachers’ Union a group of 4.6 positions within AcadeMedia. These positions are remunerated by AcadeMedia. Both associations also have spots in AcadeMedia's board of directors.  

Equal pay

AcadeMedia conducts salary surveys annually. The results from these are reported in the annual report. Historically, the differences have been small.

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