Our commitment to the UN global goals

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How it works

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No poverty

Education is one of the most important paths out of poverty, regardless of whether the poverty is economic, or whether it is due to a lack of freedom, health or security. 

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Good health and well-being

Mental health amongst young people is an increasing social issue. School plays an essential role in reversing this trend. Children and young people are less physically active, and school is an important resource here as well. 

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Quality education

Quality in education is at the heart of everything AcadeMedia does. 

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Gender equality

All countries where AcadeMedia operates have gender equality written into their national regulatory systems. All pre-schools and upper secondary schools will promote gender equality.

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Decent work and economic growth

We want to be an attractive employer with a strong focus on the well-being of our employees. We seek to contribute to the economic growth of Sweden by educating people and by running a successful company. 

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Reduced inequalities

No one will be left out. A democratic society is founded on equal rights and opportunities for everyone. In Sweden, we call it an “equal schooling”.

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Climate action

As a service company, AcadeMedia’s climate footprint is comparatively small.  
However, our work with landlords on climate friendly rental contracts, our commitment to climate-smart travel and continuous improvement work around food waste in our units makes a difference.

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Peace, justice and strong institutions

Education is not only about gaining knowledge in different subject areas. It is also about values. Human equality and everyone’s right to a life free from violence are values that permeate both our organisation and the teaching that we carry out.