Benchmarks for our sustainability work

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AcadeMedia’s sustainability work is based on the UN global goals

As an organisation that focuses on education for all age groups across society, everything AcadeMedia does is linked to the UN global goals. To succeed, developments and improvements are required throughout all levels of our work.  

The global goals established in 2015 can be described as the joint path we have chosen to take in order to create a sustainable future. The 17 goals, each of which has several sub-goals, define what kind of world we aspire to live in and how to reach it.  

AcadeMedia is also required to follow the existing governing documents for our operations in the countries in which we function. Examples of such governing documents are laws enacted by The Swedish Parliament, The Norwegian Parliament, The German federal parliament, regional and local regulations, and a number of requirements from government authorities.  

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Collaborative partners and membership

AcadeMedia is part of a number of different organisations. Every membership and collaboration go towards contributing to the development of educational systems together in the countries in which we operate.

Stakeholder dialogue

Carrying out a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders is an important part of AcadeMedia's sustainability work.

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Materiality analysis

Our materiality analysis describes how important different factors are to our stakeholders and what impact AcadeMedia has on these factors.

Our quality work

AcadeMedia’s goal is to lead in learning, attractiveness, efficiency and innovative development. Our main indicator of success in the field of learning is “100% - everyone should reach their full potential".

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