School and community development

Part of AcadeMedia Academy's mission is to contribute to and learn from the development of our community and schools by participating in various national and international environments.

Som en stor aktör inom utbildningssektorn vill AcadeMedia vara med och ta ansvar i viktiga skol- och As a key player in the education sector, AcadeMedia wants to be involved with and held accountable for issues that are crucial to schools and communities. One of the ways in which we ensure our participation is to engage in various external settings. By collaborating, learning from others, contributing and holding ourselves accountable = we are involved in pioneering the development of education, both nationally and internationally.

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Learning for sustainable development

As part of AcadeMedia's work to strengthen ties between community and school development, the Academy work is focused on learning the leads to sustainable development. We have cultivated support and inspiration for development of employee competence and frameworks for sharing best practices from our operations. We have also launched R&D initiatives to develop teaching about sustainability.

The Academy's work for school and community development

Examples of collaborations on crucial educational and societal issues where the Academy participates, contributes and learns.

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International collaborations with, UNESCO, the Varkey Foundation, T4 Education and others to strengthen the importance of educational issues.


Academy participates in several research collaborations and networks, including the SNS study “Lessons on integration” and “Gathering for more teachers.”


Academy contributes to the work of developing curriculum around sustainability across all AcadeMedia’s operations.

Business support

Academy contributes with support and networks to activities in issues relating to areas including sustainability and school and community development.

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