The Swedish Competition Authority approves AcadeMedia's acquisition of Swedish Education Group

The Swedish Competition Authority today approved AcadeMedia's acquisition of RE Skolor, the ultimate owner of AB Swedish Education Group. The acquisition is expected to be completed on 17 December 2020, in line with previous communication.

The acquisition complements AcadeMedia’s existing business and strengthen our position in the growing markets of upper secondary school and adult education. The Swedish Education Group AB had a turnover in 2019/20 of approximately SEK 360 million and EBITDA of approximately SEK 35 million. Turnover was distributed as 23 percent compulsory school, 59 percent upper secondary school, and 18 percent adult education. The business includes Cybergymnasiet, Donnergymnasiet, Snitz, Enskede Byskola, and KYH.

The purchase price for Swedish Education Group AB amounts to SEK 215 million and the transaction has a cash and debt-free value (Enterprise Value) of SEK 185 million.

For more information, please contact:

Kristofer Hammar, Director of business development at AcadeMedia
Telephone: +46 70-105 22 08
E-mail: kristofer.hammar@academedia.se

Hanna Clausén, IR contact
Telephone: +46 8 794 42 62
E-mail: hanna.clausen@academedia.se

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