New Business Development Director at AcadeMedia

Kristofer Hammar has until now worked with business development, AcadeMedia's acquisitions and international expansion.

“Kristofer will be an important addition to AcadeMedia’s Group Management Committee. His experience within the organization and his work with our international expansion has been very successful and I look forward to working more closely with him”, says Marcus Strömberg, CEO of AcadeMedia.

As Kristofer Hammar assumes his new position, Martin Sandgren, Deputy CEO of AcadeMedia, will resign from the Group Management Committee as previously announced. A new Deputy CEO will not be appointed. Kristofer Hammar:

“To be part of developing Swedish and international education is incredibly exciting, and I look forward to doing it as a member of AcadeMedia’s Group Management Committee. I have worked extensively with our German pre-schools in recent years and I believe we have much to learn from other countries”, says Kristofer Hammar.

In his role as as Business Development Director Kristofer Hammar will also assume the overall responsibility for AcadeMedia’s procurement and real estate management functions.

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Paula Hammerskog, Communications Director
Telephone: +46-733 34 87 50
E-mail: paula.hammerskog@academedia.se

About AcadeMedia
AcadeMedia is the leading and single largest independent education provider in northern Europe. In 2015/16, approximately 63 000 children and students attended AcadeMedia’s preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools. An additional 80 000 individuals participated in AcadeMedia’s adult education courses. In 2015/16, AcadeMedia had approximately 425 preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools in Sweden and Norway and approximately 150 adult education units in Sweden. Since February 2016 AcadeMedia also operates seven preschools in the Munich region of Germany. AcadeMedia has operations throughout the education chain, from preschool, compulsory school and upper secondary school to adult education. More information about AcadeMedia is available on www.academedia.se