Bulletin from annual shareholders’ meeting of AcadeMedia AB (publ)

Election of the board of directors and auditors
The AGM resolved, in accordance with the proposal from the nomination committee, that the number of board members appointed by the shareholders’ meeting shall be six without deputies. Ulf Mattsson, Harry Klagsbrun, Helen Fasth Gillstedt, Erika Henriksson, Silvija Seres and Anders Bülow were re-elected as board members. Ulf Mattsson was re-elected as chairman of the board of directors. Further, the board of directors decided that the number of auditors shall be two without deputies and that EY AB, with Staffan Landén as auditor in charge, and Oskar Wall, as personally elected auditor, are re­elected, in accordance with the audit committee’s recommendation.

Fees for board members and auditors
The AGM resolved that the fees for the board members shall be paid out in a total amount of     SEK 2,050,000, divided so that the chairman of the board of directors shall receive SEK 500,000 and the other board members who are not employed by the group shall receive SEK 250,000 each, the chairman of the audit committee shall receive SEK 100,000 and the other members of the audit committee who are not employed by the group shall receive SEK 50,000 each, and the chairman of the remuneration committee shall receive SEK 50,000 and the other member of the remuneration committee who are not employed by the group shall receive SEK 25,000 each. It was resolved that the auditors’ fees shall be paid as per approved account.

Adoption of the annual accounts, allocation of the results and discharge from liability
The AGM resolved to adopt the annual accounts for the company and for the group for 2015/2016. In accordance with the proposal from the board of directors, the AGM determined that there shall be no dividend for 2015/2016 and that the results shall be carried forward. Furthermore, the AGM resolved to discharge the board members and the CEO from liability.

Principles for appointing the nomination committee
The AGM approved the nomination committee’s proposed principles for the appointment of the nomination committee.

Guidelines for remuneration to executive management
The AGM approved the board of directors’ proposed guidelines for remuneration to executive management.

Authorisation for the board of directors to resolve to issue new shares
The AGM authorised, in accordance with the board of directors’ proposal, the board of directors to resolve to issue new shares. The purpose is to increase the financial flexibility of the company and the acting scope of the board of directors. The authorisation allows the board of directors to resolve to increase the company’s share capital by issue of new shares at one or several occasions and for the time period until the end of the next annual shareholders’ meeting, with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights and with or without provisions for contribution in kind, set-off or other conditions, to the extent that it corresponds to a dilution of not more than ten percent of the number of shares outstanding at the time of the shareholders’ meeting’s resolution on the proposed authorisation.

The CEO’s presentation from the AGM will be made available at https://corporate.academedia.se/en/ where you will also find the underlying proposals to the above resolutions and, at the latest on 1 December, 2016, the minutes from the AGM.  

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About AcadeMedia
AcadeMedia is the leading and single largest independent education provider in northern Europe. In 2015/16, approximately 63 000 children and students attended AcadeMedia’s preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools. An additional 80 000 individuals participated in AcadeMedia’s adult education courses. In 2015/16, AcadeMedia had approximately 425 preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools in Sweden and Norway and approximately 150 adult education units in Sweden. Since February 2016, AcadeMedia also operates seven preschools in the Munich region of Germany. AcadeMedia has operations throughout the education chain, from preschool, compulsory school and upper secondary school to adult education. More information about AcadeMedia is available on www.academedia.se