Blanka Talks Premiere!   

Tomorrow airs the first episode of Blanka Talks – an international talk-show with and for teachers. The first episode is called The Important Teacher.

-I’m so happy that we’re ready to air the first episode and I hope that many teachers from both Sweden and all-over the world will watch, says Anna-Karin Berg, internationalisation coordinator of Drottning Blanka Upper Secondary Schools. 

The focus of the talk-show is to bring forward teachers’ voices on a more personal level. Their everyday experiences in the classroom and certain events that have inspired them in their profession.  

-We want to share teachers situations in different countries, and we can learn a lot from each other by just talking with one another. During the pandemic, many have lacked the opportunity to international exchange so, we’re very excited to add this digital platform for teachers to interact, Anna-Karin continues.  

Every episode will centre on a specific theme and Varkey Foundation, our collaborators, has  helped us in putting together an inspirational mix of participants.  

Watch the first episode (45 minutes long) below, which will be aired 25th of November 4 pm CET.