Person som sitter och ritar utifrån en referens på deras mobil
AcadeMedia has had a whistle-blower policy since 2013 to encourage employees and other stakeholders to report suspected irregularities and/or misconduct within the company, either openly or anonymously.

This policy also applies to AcadeMedia's international operations, currently Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. Whistleblowing can be done in Swedish, English, Norwegian, German and Dutch. 

AcadeMedia's whistleblower policy is located on our open employee intranet. 

While AcadeMedia always strives to act appropriately, there may be times when AcadeMedia may need to obtain advice and to be made aware of an alleged ethical or legal violation. By doing this, AcadeMedia has the opportunity to properly manage the issue. The reporting process is flexible, and concerns can be reported in several different ways.  

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