Our history

Fyra elever pratar med varandra i en utomhusmiljö.
AcadeMedia was founded in 1996, however, the oldest AcadeMedia business is much older than that.

In 1898 Hans Svensson Hermod started the "Malmö Language and Trade Institute" which would later develop into what is today known as Hermods.

70 years later, another business that is now part of AcadeMedia began. In 1968 Romanian immigrant Mikael Elias started NTI. Mikael Elias came to Sweden in 1955 and with him brough his fascination with pedagogy, an interest that came to characterise his entire life. His fundamental theory was that all individuals can learn - as long as they have the appropriate attitude and conditions. One of his mottos was "You can become whatever you want, as long as you want it". This motto continues to live on within AcadeMedia.

Since 1898, AcadeMedia has had the time to write history. The preschool group Pysslingen was founded in 1984 and, despite a ban on grants for independent day care centres being introduced the same year (the so-called Lex Pysslingen), the group became the first in Sweden to run independent preschools.

Political reforms have since then changed the market. When the independent school reform was introduced in 1992, a large number of entrepreneurs started their own schools. Many of the education companies that are today part of AcadeMedia, such as the founded in 1993 Vittra and the founded in 1998 IT-Gymnasiet resulted from this deregulation.


Some of the important milestones in the history of AcadeMedia can be found here.

År 1898

Hermods is founded under the name Malmö Language and Business Institute.

År 1968

NTI is established. NTI’s focus was technology which was taught via correspondence.

År 1986

Pysslingen is established, the first independent preschools in Sweden.

År 1992

The free school reform is introduced and many entrepreneurs start their own schools.

The primary school company Vittra opens up its first school.

År 1996

AcadeMedia is founded.

År 2004

AcadeMedia focuses on adult education and acquires Eductus.

År 2007

New focus is upper secondary school. The first acquisition is NTI. We become an independent school company.

År 2008

We join forces with Vittra’s owners, and become Sweden’s largest education company with 70 schools.

År 2010

EQT becomes the major owner of AcadeMedia and delists the shares from the stock exchange.

År 2011

AcadeMedia acquires Pysslingen, ProCivitas and Plushögskolan, among others.

År 2013

AcadeMedia takes over a number of units from JB. The schools continue to be run under our auspices.

År 2014

AcadeMedia makes its first foreign acquisition, Norwegian Espira with around 100 preschools.

År 2017

The business in Germany is growing rapidly. In Sweden, the Praktiska upper-secondary school, Hagströmska upper-secondary school and Movant are acquired.

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Our strategy

In our 2023 strategy plan we aim to be a leading and influential education company. AcadeMedia’s outsets are earning, attractiveness, efficiency and innovative development.

Education is the foundation of everything

We are constantly working to ensure that more people have good prospects for success through a good education that suits the individual. This makes us an important social actor.


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