Pedagogical development

Academy’s mission is to contribute to educators' ability to develop and refine their teaching to help ensure a good education for all. Through the Academy's endeavours to educate our staff, both professional specialisation and career development are made possible.

Academy operates on behalf of various stakeholders within AcadeMedia, group management and the board as well as individual units and schools. With a varied competence and a substantial network, Academy makes multiple contributions to competence development initiatives for educational staff.

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Academy shares and integrates knowledge

Academys arbetsprocesser bygger på att dela och kunskapsintegrera. När en verksamhet önskar hjälp att ta fram exeAcademy's educational methodologies are based on sharing and integrating knowledge. For instance, if a company wants help to develop its digital education platform, the resulting materials are distributed to employees via AcadeMedia's educational web. This can include support for lesson design, accessible learning environment, promoting attendance and systematic quality development of teaching. Parts of Academy's training for educational staff are also open to anyone interested, regardless of whether someone works at AcadeMedia or not.

Academy's assignments for educational staff

Examples of various forms of initiatives and collaborations between Academy and our clients in AcadeMedia include:

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AcadeMedia Hand-in-hand

Efforts that impact across the entire education chain, such as ongoing digital after school meetings.

Segments and school forms

School-form-specific courses, including grade and assessment training conducted in collaboration with Karlstad University.


Assignments based on the requirements of a specific activity, such as training for mathematics teachers in AcadeMedia’s KLARA theoretical upper-secondary school.


Initiatives for individual units, including support and input to encourage collaborative learning at a school.