Employee development

AcadeMedia employs many people who are not directly connected to our pedagogical and teaching work. Academy provides support and stimulation to all employees who help us do our work, regardless of their role in the organisation.

Academy creates and facilitates forums and networks that strengthen many different professions and specialist roles within AcadeMedia. Support staff, medical staff, caretakers, school administrators, superintendents, corporate management, catering staff and more - everyone here has an important part to play in creating the conditions required for us to change people's lives through education and create a better and more sustainable future.

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Culture and competence strengthening initiatives

Academy contributes in several ways to culture and competence strengthening initiatives for all employees, commissioned by corporate management, segments, and operations. This may involve developing both group-specific and company-wide introductory training to welcome new employees, conducting digital support meetings to promote cooperation and rapport, or to enable term-based seminars for subjects such as student health's medical efforts to strengthen professional competence.

Academy's employee assignments

Examples of the forums, networks, and trainings for AcadeMedia’s employees and various professional groups that Academy provides:

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AcadeMedia for all

Group-wide education such as an introductory course on AcadeMedia and GDPR training.

Inspiration and events

Initiatives that inform, inspire and strengthen our culture, such as staff and support meetings and staff training days.

Profession-specific networks

Networks created to support specialised professional roles such as Human Resources and unit administrators.

Specialist training

Courses and seminars for specialist functions such as acquiring and buying goods and services for the organisation, provision of student medical services student health medical provision, and catering staff.