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With focus on professional
development and learning

AcadeMedia is an engine of learning and development for our colleagues.

AcadeMedia has an internal academy for professional development that provides opportunities for our employees -our colleagues - to have the best conditions for ongoing development and stimulus. When an organisation develops its colleagues, it develops the whole organisation as well!

En kvinna och en man sitter bredvid varandra och diskuterar vid ett möte.

The Academy offers

Academy's offer is based on identified operational development needs and AcadeMedia’s ambition to contribute to the professional development of everyone within our organisation.
All development courses are available on Academy’s educational web. Through our open courses we do as much as we can to share our knowledge with anyone who is curious.

Leadership development

As an international educator across the entire learning spectrum, AcadeMedia has a proven method for leadership education and strategic competence offerings. The Academy provides excellent conditions for upcoming, new and senior leaders to develop their leadership skills.

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